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Electric Motors in Dentistry

In case you missed it, electric motors are rapidly replacing air driven handpieces in the dental industry. Although this has long been the standard in Europe we in the US have been slow to change. The primary advantage of the electric motor over air driven is the torque and as a bonus it is much quieter, easing the tension caused by whining air turbines. The down side is of course is the initial cost and the expense of repair.

Electric Surgical Handpiece Motors

Hall Surgairtome E, Hall micropower, Stryker impaction drill, Core impaction drill, Commonly found in the Oral Surgery practice, this type of handpiece has a great deal of torque to cut through tooth and bone easily.

Glossary of Dental Handpiece Terms


Comfort Drive XDR 200

The 200 XDR is Kavo’s latest entry into the electric high speed market. This unique handpiece is the same size as the 25LPA or any of the ISO highspeed electrics with one big difference: the motor is built into the handpiece!

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