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Stainless Steel and Microbial Erosion

Sonix 4 Corporation uses stainless steel in manufacturing the industry's leading ultrasonic cleaning systems. As such it is important for our customers to have some level of education in regards to the makeup of stainless steel which will ultimately say something about the integrity of the metal when in the working environment.

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Electric Motors in Dentistry

In case you missed it, electric motors are rapidly replacing air driven handpieces in the dental industry. Although this has long been the standard in Europe we in the US have been slow to change. The primary advantage of the electric motor over air driven is the torque and as a bonus it is much quieter, easing the tension caused by whining air turbines. The down side is of course is the initial cost and the expense of repair.

Checking the Setup of an Electric Handpiece

Checking the Setup of an Electric Handpiece

Copeland Air Compressors

High Speed Electric Handpieces

The Piezo Handpiece Dilemma

Piezo handpieces are not all created equal. In fact, they fall into two distinct categories: the EMS type and the Satelec type.

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